How it all began….

Being a stay-at-home mom is a very challenging job and truthfully, it’s misunderstood. Have you ever asked a stay-at-home parent or have been asked the question: What do you do all day ? Well, I have. So here’s my answer to that question. I constantly have something to do and my mind is always thinking of what is next. I had a routine. I wake up, I make breakfast, I get Jayden ready, I drop him off to school, I take care of Joshua, I clean around the house, I eat because I actually didn’t eat breakfast yet, I make lunch, I pick up Jayden, I help with homework, I make dinner, I put the kids to bed then if I get lucky, I get me time. Exhausted yet? Now add shelter-in-place to the equation and remove drop off Jayden to school. Instead replace that with homeschooling. I now became the teacher while also caring for my 3 year old who constantly throws his monster trucks everywhere, flushes things down the toilet, grabs food from the fridge and leaves the door open. Oh did I mention I also have a 7th month old beagle puppy named Bo who is constantly gnawing on our furniture, wires and everything else his mouth can bite into? Yup! This is how the blogging began. My mind goes a million miles an hour and my body just cannot seem to take a break. So, to make time for myself, I will block out the noise for at least 30 mins of my day and let all my thoughts out through blogging.

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