We’re almost there….

Who would’ve thought that 2020 was going to be like this ? We are almost half way through the year yet it feels like the year just started. Everything has been so F’in weird, to say the least. We’re at our final week of homeschooling and I can’t tell you how excited I am for the week to end. Not that we have trips planned out this summer but getting a break after the past 10 weeks of what felt like a roller coaster ride is something I am looking forward to. Not having to sit next to a soon-to-be 8 year old most of the day just so he can do his homework feels like a vacation to me. I know it sounds ridiculous that I have to do that in order for my child to get his shit done but am I really the only one? Am I really the only one that constantly reminded their kid to grab that pencil and keep working? Am I the only one who has had countless arguments as to why there’s still school work even though we’re at home and why we can’t go to places like we used to? Am I the only one who had to constantly tell their kids to quit snacking ? If so, please send help! I’m sure Jayden can use a break from me too.

One thing I learned from these past few months is that I needed to be kinder to myself and my kids. Homeschooling is not our thing and I am not a school teacher for a reason. We did what we had to do with the best of our abilities and that is all we can do. We need a break from school emails, zoom meetings, seesaw and whatever else we had to do to keep up with school. My kids need their friends. I need my friends. We all need our alone time to collect ourselves so we can be better parents and our kids need their friends to talk to and play with. I realized how hard this must be for them to not have playdates or sleepovers. I realized how difficult it is to listen to me ALL. DAY. LONG. I had to remind myself everyday that our emotional well-being is far more important than submitting 10 pages of school work. I am looking forward to waking up on Monday with no school work for Jayden to think about because he deserves to have all the fun he can have after 10 weeks of hard work, team effort and self-discipline ( and I deserve to sleep in, watch T.V. and just chill).

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